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Dec 19, 2022

One of the biggest chains for breakfast in America is Waffle House (located in 25 states).  But what customers don’t realize is the cooks use an elaborate “marking system” that helps them get the order right.  So, they’re using something they see, but we don’t.  Isn’t that the same when it comes to a portfolio or 401(k)? When you review them, what do you often see that we don’t? 

Then, he’s been the voice of Darth Vader for nearly 50 years and at 91-years-old, James Earl Jones wants to retire.  So, he’s signed away the rights to his voice so that the franchise can re-create it using artificial intelligence.  Jones is probably making a nice residual from it all.  Isn’t that another example of an income stream that can supplement a retirement plan?