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Jan 27, 2020

The #1 fear about planning for retirement is running out of money. Turns out, the best way to avoid this is to work with a professional.

Meet Steve Anzuoni, of Fairway Financial ! Steve has over three decades of experience and can help you put the puzzle pieces to your retirement together.  Starting is the hardest part right? Steve makes it simple, stress free and calls it “the shoe box meeting.”

Bring in your statements, opened or unopened, or if you have that box of paperwork, bring that along as well. This is the first step. Steve will demonstrate his strategies and tools that he can implement with your plan to help you create a successful income plan for your retirement.  The goal is the create a plan that coordinates all branches of your retirement plan – taxes, SS, healthcare and more. The best part – your financial story will be on no more than 2 pages!

Everyone’s situation is different, so come in and meet with Steve today !