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Apr 10, 2023

Each month the financial brainiacs at Barron’s financial news gather for a roundtable discussion about the markets and economy.  Last month there was a lot of disagreement.  One said, “I see bubbles and champagne.”  Another said, “I see the need for Alka-Seltzer.” We know you have to sift through all that and more importantly, the opinions of your clients.  How do you find that “happy place” to satisfy your clients, so they are taking the right amount of risk and receiving the right amount of reward?

Massive layoffs in the tech world have been grabbing headlines lately.  Companies like Google, Meta and Amazon are letting workers go by the thousands.  Just a few years ago, many were looking at finishing their careers with these jobs.  If someone is close to retirement – and that ‘forever job’ is becoming less stable – what can they do now to prepare for an unplanned retirement and still get guaranteed income? 

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