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Aug 29, 2022

The Wall Street Journal says rising prices are forcing retirees back into the job market.  Higher inflation is also making workers who are near retirement to rethink their options.  The article says it’s very hard for these groups to know if they’ve saved enough for retirement.  Hear how Steve can help you inflation proof your income plan so this doesn't happen to you!

For the DIYer's: Do you enjoy attempting “Do It Yourself” projects at home?  How long do you work on them before frustration sets in and you call a professional?  A recent survey (by OnePoll) found it took the average person five hours of trial and error before they gave up and made the call.  How long have you seen people try to manage their own retirement funds before they finally give you a call?  Do they wish they’d done it sooner?  

Inflation Proof Your Retirement Plan TODAY!