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Nov 26, 2021

A new survey says one in six Americans already have.  Another 14 percent started last month [October] and 28 percent say they’ll begin this month [November].  But how many have started their end-of-year financial checklist?  Hear how Steve can help you tie up this year with a bow and prepare for a better 2022 with...

Nov 23, 2021

Steve recently sat down to chat with Grace about upcoming HUGE tax changes.  

The current tax brackets that are in place now will more than likely stay in place until 2025  - good news right? Well, not so much.  Listen and find out why and more importantly, how Steve can help you build a better tax efficient plan where...

Nov 19, 2021

The #1 fear of planning for retirement is running out of money. We are all living longer which is good news but how can we possibly come up with a realistic retirement plan when we don’t know how many years to plan for?  


Nov 5, 2021

Bloomberg interviewed the head of the Fitch credit rating agency about all the money our federal government has been spending.  And he warns that the bill will eventually come due in the form of spending cuts and higher taxes.  What does that mean for our retirement prospects?