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Oct 29, 2021

Hear why Steve says inflation should be called "man-flation" and what you can do to protect yourself from the negative impact of inflation. 

Then, TAXES! Steve explains his buckets of money approach money that gives YOU tax control. Plus, what are some tax free options you should consider ? 

Oct 22, 2021

It’s a good problem to have, but it’s still a problem:  Research shows that many retirees are spending a lot less than they could be.  Michael Finke, a professor at The American College of Financial Services, tells Yahoo Finance that people seem to be afraid to spend down their nest egg! Hear Steve explain how at...

Oct 8, 2021

Kiplinger warns that those of us approaching retirement are facing a “perfect storm”:  Low interest rates and high inflation … the combination of which will force us to take on more market risk than we’re comfortable taking.  How do we navigate that perfect storm? Hear Steve discuss his bucket approach and how...