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Jul 30, 2021

When the market is doing well – like now – do you tend to get a little complacent?  An NYU finance professor told Business Insider that investors have become “sloppy and lazy.”  He said people think that making money is easy … and he warned that the markets have a way of “fixing” that kind of thinking very...

Jul 16, 2021

Of the different generations, Fidelity says it’s baby boomers who are the most over-invested in stocks.  Hear one listener tells us why he thinks he’s supposed to be in the market, even though he admits to being a little nervous! Then,  don’t we have to take big risks if we want the big reward

Jul 7, 2021

Steve had the opportunity to chat with the one, the only, Lawrence "L.T." Taylor! L.T shares some behind the scenes secrets from the film "Any Given Sunday" and tells Steve who his favorite "Bill" is - Belichick or Parcels! Listen now to find out! 


Jul 2, 2021

Forbes magazine makes an interesting point:  One retiree could have a $250,000 nest egg and never worry about money.  But another might retire with two-and-a-half million dollars and run out of money in just a few years.  Do you have some kind of a process you go through to help us understand how much we’ll need …...